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Follow Us. Classification of Houses - So, one last post about the houses of horoscope and its various classifications before we finally move on to understand the planets. Kendra Houses - These are considered as the most important houses of horoscope. Kendra Houses are 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house, i. As they are 4 houses in total, they are called 4 pillars of horoscope. These are 1st, 5th and 9th house.

The 8th house or Ayu Sthana represents destruction, accidents, physical pains, inheritance, legacies, and insurance.

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The 12th house governs losses, waste, expenses, sadhana, and Moksha. Each of the 9 different planets gives different results in the 12th house. Besides, it can often be totally opposite results from bad to good depending on the type of planet. Moksha Trikona is most important for spiritual growth.

Moksha means overcoming of gain or desire. Moreover, the goal of life according to Moksha bhavya is to free the soul from the cycle of birth. For attaining this you need to do Nishkam karma or overcome desire as per the 4th house. It is the effort to achieve the Moksha.

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It is the opposite of 11th house. Astrology , Bhavas , Jothishi. The 12 bhavas or houses constitute a Vedic birth chart.

Of these four are Kendra houses and three Kona houses. Kendra refers to those houses…. The traditional Hindu Astrology is popularly known as Jyotisha or Jyotishya. But, in recent times, it's commonly called Vedic Astrology. It's an ancient concept playing…. Shani Dosha occurs when the planet Shani or Saturn is in the wrong place in one's natal chart. It can also occur if it is….

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We expect to be happy in the home we build, hope our family will continue to live in it for a long time. For this,…. Asvina month is one of the prominent months in the Hindu calendar. In the Lunisolar calendar of Hindu origin, Ashvini is the first star appearing…. Kartika month happens to be the most auspicious…. The ninth Lunar month of the Hindu calendar, agrahayana is nothing less than the most auspicious month of the year.

This Margashirsha month signifies utmost…. Jothishi or Jyotish Vidya is as old as the Vedas. The Vedangas was the first scripture which mentioned about the study of Jothishi. It refers…. The following examples will show how it works —.

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There are four planets in dharma triangle — viz. Her Ketu in Aries the first sign of dharma triangle made her struggle for money in her early years. The Sanskrit word kama loosely means desire, it is interpreted rather as a driving force which paves the future of a person according to the mode, intensity and nature of it. For an ascetic person — God can be his or her desirable object, similarly for an artist or entertainer — the skill and reaching out to the masses can be his or her goal of desire.

Shows the power of his devotion. So his desire is solely derived by Jupiter — the planet for knowledge. This combination made him one of the very best thinkers and enlightened monks of all time. This combination has a direct aspect of Mars, Ketu combination from Aries.

In both the charts — Jupiter has a strong aspect of Mars from the Aries.

Jupiter represents voice and Mars represents vocal skill. Swamiji was a great orator and a very well-known Indian classical singer of his time. Madonna is a singer, dancer, actress and a director. To understand moksha triangle, we will need to know the dharma triangle too. Moksha is the ultimate state, therefore it also suggests a complete mastery of a subject or an crowning attitude.

The following examples will elucidate the matter further —. In the chart of Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore — Jupiter and Moon are the two planets present in the moksha triangle. There is an exchange of place between these two planets.