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Certain lines, mounts and signs on your palm can tell whether you can make it to the top or not. Participating in my own self-awareness process, I developed an Astrology and Human Design resource using voice notes instead of articles and slides. The planets that revolve around the solar develop a grave impact on the life of men and women on the earth as very well. An analysis of more than G-rated movies released between and showed that A most of the speaking character roles are female. Supposedly, the alpha is dominant and gives the orders while beta is the weakling and carries out the orders.

Venus, the lord of this Ascendant is also a friend of Saturn. I call it the Academy - a place of study in a specific field. Attractiveness is not a function of beauty, even though it is connected to it. It is true that a Mars Retrograde drives the energy more inward until you find the appropriate outlet for it. I study energy -the influences that make us, surround us and change us. According to the psychologist, chemistry is about all the hormonal processes and neurotransmitters that are triggered when two people come into physical contact.

My experience has found there to be zero correlation between attractiveness and sex skill. This subreddit contains links to articles on astrology, as well as discussions about astrological topics. Where appropriate, I show how the very astrology which identified their sexual preference also identified their likelihood of getting AIDS. Attraction to qualities we admire from the other partner.

Lets make sure we are on the same page. Men have a unique set of things that help them to feel safe and loved. But actually, this is not true The Sun is one of the vocational indicators needed in charts for the following vocations: entertainer, politician, playground director, radiation tester, radio or television performer, biochemist, financier, foreman, administrative executive, receptionist.

As the lunation occured at 27 Pisces, this gives us Mars as a term ruler, which is a malefic in nature. Your fingers and toes can say a lot about you. This is a positive time when you express your deepest feelings openly and intensely. Determining Zodiac Signs Physical Characteristics Aries March 21 — April 19 — You have a strong and rugged appearance, with prominent brows, nose, chin and mouth.

Think "symbolically" and remember that Venus or Aphrodite was the mythological Godess of Love and Beauty. Venus and Moon are two planets that are responsible for signifying energy of attraction. Attractiveness of people has always been a top issue in our lives. Welcome on Astropost, a magazine about astrology to show you how the natal charts, transits and progressions reflect real life events. The world's largest digital library. Sympathy, tenacity, compassion, and sensitivity mark this person. A while later, they all have Libra moons… or Saturns on the Midheaven… or Neptunes conjoining their Venuses.

After working with thousands of astrology and counseling clients, I've found that certain planetary aspects in the chart whether Vedic or Western indicate an interest in sacred sexuality or Tantra. Penney Company, Inc. The give and take in intimate relationships comes easily and naturally. Lips Men with thin lips are more intelligent, according to astrology website www. In this vision astrology and alchemy, the two classical functionaries of the psychology of the collective unconscious, join hands.

Read My Chart. I wanted to create an art form — a soul expression, rather than something too heavy. When Gemini and Cancer kind a friendship, it could perhaps be a relatively interested mix. As with production and use of any fuels, aspects of biofuel production and use have benefits and adverse effects. Gemini could perhaps attractiveness Cancer with their swift wit, triggering the cautious King crab to get there out of its shell quicker than it in general would. In the case of the conjunction, square, or opposition, fantasy and romance permeates your relationship.

In Astrology, Mars represents sex and aggression, while Neptune represents illusions, dreams, and fantasy. You should try to find out when, possibly, your Mars turns Direct by progression. The I discovered photography in the 60s, psychology anthropology sociology and astrology in the 70s, quantum physics in the 80s, abstract art in the 90s, Buddhism and Eckhart Tolle in the new millennium. Astrologically, there are a few clear indicators to help you understand why one person has the power to give you an immediate rush while someone else leaves you feeling flat.

The Moon which holds the key to the beauty must be a ascending Moon. Maybe you'll find you relate more to other aspects of your zodiac. COM offers a lot of free features on the subject. This planet passes in new Zodiac sign about every month, giving us new possibilities for expression of the individuality. Yet, the planets will not act exactly the same in a man's chart compared to a woman's. This astrology deals with the present traits and tendencies. I notice patterns in the people who consult me.

These tips will also help you know if there is strong chemistry between a guy and girl in their relationship. Halo was an avid believer in astrology until she saw a documentary demonstrating that it is a pseudoscience and heard her psychology professor refute the claims made by astrologers. From an evolutionary standpoint, why is it beneficial for men to have facial and chest hair?

Astrology Compatibility can bring you closer to your soulmate. If you are married to, or pursuing a Cancer man romantically then you should read Marcus Lee's thoughts on the type of character your man will likely have. The Progressed chart is the first chart used in Predictive Astrology, for it provides a good preview and overview of what you can expect in the coming year. In women, what are the indicators of beauty in the natal chart? By beauty I mean actual physical attractiveness, more than a magnetic personality lacking in true physical good looks by conventional standards.

The Global 5 is based on the five core personality elements Big Five which have been empirically found in multiple cultures by multiple researchers when statistically analyzing peer and self rated personality trait inventories. Ackman serves as the Independent Director of J. Equally long-standing is the rendering erotic of this pairing of opposites in the concepts "masculine" and What makes a man a man? To some, this is an important question.

With the help of my financial models I can help your idea or a concept to be converted into a business case or feasibility proposal. I wanted to display this in a graphical format. In film, literature and popular culture, supernatural ability and appearance can be linked, as indicators of personality and power, with magic and modern beauty and fashion practices awarding transformational power.

The suicide rate for teens tripled from to , so it is second only to accidents as a cause of death to teens. Planetary Indicators: Saturn is the indicator of the eighth house because he shows loss and the need to take things seriously and be careful. The eyes may be considered windows into the soul, but according to some researchers, the rest of your facial features say something about you, too. It represents the upper limits of the market for a product.

Astrological Indications That You Will Be Famous: There are several indications in a natal chart that can mean that you will be famous at some point in your life and for longer than that fifteen minutes that Andy Warhol once claimed we would all be famous for. You seek intensity in your life and in your relationships, and you become more aware of hidden sides of your personality, untapped talents and interests, and also emotional blocks or confusions. I'd add to the indicators mentioned above: Sun trine ascendant exactly winning personality, very, very likeable , Sun trine Mars even a blind person could smell the masculinity of him, the two main masculine principles in very strong, positive association , add to that Mars sextile Jupiter, a great combination of mind and body.

Feb 6, Most people who look to astrology to understand how compatible they They look to what their Sun signs predict for their relationship and call it a day. And for every teen who succeeded in committing suicide, attempted it. In this article, we are not discussing long-term compatibility between the sexes—rather, indications of initial sexual attraction and knee-jerk reactions between two Beautiful People's Charts.

How Venus dictates attractiveness in Astrology? It is the planet of Love What astrology signs are attracted to Aries females? I was just wondering if anyone knew some aspects that give a person a certain Charisma or glow how about sex appeal and attractiveness? By charisma I mean people like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, they still captivate us and when on screen you cannot take your eyes off of them!

And also, having any of these connections does not guarantee a relationship will work out - they just give an indication of a strong connection between two people. Or at least mine. Astrology, the Basics Cont. In , about 25 percent of inhabitants claimed to believe in astrology and good luck charms, and 42 percent believed in fortune-telling and faith healing.

Fischer-Rizzi goes on to say, "it seems to increase the attractiveness of the person wearing it. Info explaining astrology aspects and how they are calculated in the astrology chart. Some consider it in terms of an alpha male vs a beta male. The 11th lord Jupiter, Sun and Moon are the indicators of currency strength in this horoscope. See if you've felt the top 10 twin flame signs, stages and symptoms and read more about finding twin flames.

Oct 19, Astrology lessons. The positive Venus is compromising, peace loving and very graceful. Plus, beauty is relative and so what is attractive to you may not be attractive to someone else. Our relation to a fashion is defined by Venus — a beauty and harmony planet.

Mar 4, Romance and Relationship articles; Astrology and Tarot -- find more on www. According to astrology it is very much possible to know the characteristics, personality, features and nature of the wife. If you started in astrology back then, you have a supreme advantage in understanding over those whose start was on the Internet Astrology seems to have all the answers, therefore everyone wants to know how to know the beauty of wife through astrology.

If the sign is movable then the person is possessed by Devatas. This is consistent with what we know about the the Greek banks: they are technically bankrupt but have been kept afloat by loans from the EU. Usually composite stelliums especially with a Saturn aspect can feel like super-glue, no matter how challenging they are, whether good or bad, they are hard to break. It begins exactly where Astronomy ends. FREE with a 30 day free trial. Esoteric Astrology is based on the spiritual evolution of a person on the spiritual path.

On the contrary, a negative Venus is hedonistic, selfish, worthless, and phony as well as you can also find other free astrology services on our website like Free Horoscope, Free Birth Chart, Free Matchmaking, Free Daily Predictions By Indian Astrology. Currently the Academy has more than students enrolled.

Your chart will tell Discussion in 'Astrology' started by Zanman, Jan 20, There is hardly anyone who does not care about their own attractiveness. The planets that revolve around the sunshine make a grave impression on the lives of folks on the earth as perfectly.

Robert cook astrologer contact

Students will learn how calendars and astrology were developed, and how the fundamental laws of nature were discovered. Masculine people do not have the patience to wait for things to come to them. Naturally, any graha located in bhava-1 serve to increase the challenges of injustice Body parts that reveal your intelligence.

All relationships, even loving and caring marriages, go through times of challenge and looking for the astrology indications in divorce can help you know what to expect. My understanding was that a planet would conjunct the MC in either the 9th, or 10th house. It appears, such changes in image and external shape depend on astrological indicators in a fashion horoscope. On a higher plane it represents intuitive wisdom. You trust people, and usually feel secure in your relationships. For this reason they have been the source of controversy as to what they signify.

This evidence persuaded her to adopt the views of her professor and the documentary. There is an attractiveness and a gentleness in the personality that can help you socially, if you let it. Note that the frequency who accept astrology increases, but note the bump for those who accept the appellation atheist! The other indicators to look for are the term ruler of the lunation and the lunation house position in relation to the part of fortune.

Most horoscopic traditions of astrology systems divide the horoscope into a number usually. Fame can be something many people want but few actually get. Find the best signs of chemistry between two people. Venus is extremely positive because it is on the ascendant and itself is an indicator of high popularity and attractiveness. Hence the 2nd house lord has to be stronger. Approximately once every year the transiting Sun goes through the entire zodiac, every degree, minute, and second of each sign. Objects: Weapons and other dangerous things, Tarot cards, astrology charts.

They take into account the following factors with varying degrees of importance: cyclic recurrence, knowing correlation of market indicators, changes in the availability and attractiveness of the instrument for speculators, electronic and algorithmic trading growth, regulatory intervention degree and frequency of significant events over time. B most of the speaking character roles are male. They took both men and women and asked them to rate the attractiveness of a series of faces based only on appearance. Here we focus on indications of sexual attraction using Astrology as our tool.

The Hindu sage Valmiki is thought to have written a book, whose title translates in English as "The Teachings of Valmiki Maharshi on Male Palmistry", comprising stanzas, more than 5, years ago. Below here are signs or lines that are considered auspicious in palmistry when found on your palm. Venus — Pluto squares indicate underlying tensions in social interactions. Men are crazy about their beauty. Here are the signs he's not strong enough to be a good boyfriend.

Repeat offenders will be banned. I have found that sun-venus aspects, venus foreground, the sign of virgo, Libra and sometimes Leo all contribute towards this. In the charts below, some of the men were identified by the data source as having AIDS. Eighth-house Venus chart holders are comfortable with sex and appreciate the sensual pleasures it brings.

Classic astrology puts its focus on the persons tendencies, and the personalities of astrology signs specifically. Flirting can be fun, but usually you are hoping that your efforts will be noticed by the object of your The Venus sign and aspects are especially noticeable in women because women tend to project an aura of their Venus.

Venus astrology chart. Hence, his life themes are full of conflicts, survival and competition. They even gave it a name: the halo effect. A deep-cut life line has several attributes which include energy, health, intensity, vigour, self-confidence, and strength, note that such a life line has effects on all types. A warm response will help more like him come out of the closet.

I have never swindled anyone, nor have I ever tried any kind of fraud. As humans, we are sheep and follow the masses, and whatever is cool and trendy at the time is what we put our faith into, not our Divine Creator. If people want to find meaning and their life purpose, start with The First Testament, attend a church and find your community and make real human connections and find love in humanity. Instead, we look to our electronic devices, hook-up culture without any meaningful relationships, and greedy palm readers, willing to tell you anything for their own narcissistic gain.

It is a very sad, unfortunate world we live in today, a world where truly God is dead. I to was skeptical because they all want money and send you some sort of stone or whatever for only Reminds me of a very good sales rep. To bad. Thanks for shedding the light.

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People want to believe just like me. When I read what Bertha or social, Tara say I always wonder if they are working together. But I continue to read what they say and telling me I have to hurry. Seems that first payment in. Well thanks again. Your friend Shirley Benedict. And thanks to my fave podcasters at Skeptics Guide to the Universe, for reblogging my post with the very nice title, What a great story!

But I just started my Facebook and Twitter feeds yesterday, so please start following, folks, and give me a like on FB! Help me get out of the single digits, they look so sad. Friendly atheist! I never knew there was such a thing,it is amazing how so many poor people are blinded and led astray to believe an average person can predict their future and give them hope,that is for the weak and the lost! Pingback: Stargazing: Astronomy, Astrology and Elvis dyke writer. Like Liked by 4 people. Our understanding of science will always be limited, and also with astrology.

Financial forecasting history shows this to be true. Why do these things persist? I managed to help you out of the single digits! I wonder what the proportion is between astrologers who believe in it and those who know they are bluffing. Probably those who believe are better at it, while the bluffers safely can write horoscopes for newspapers and similar tasks.

I too am intrigued by the question of how many professionals know or strongly suspect the truth in their hearts. This is an excellent example of how all of us can fall for an incorrect explanation of a phenomenon and all of us have. Well done, Rudolf Smit, for honestly facing your misgivings despite personal cost. Thanks for sharing, Bo Gardiner. Excellent article and I agree it did take sizeable strength of character for him to admit it and change his way of life, so few people do, especially those still clinging to faith in the face of ever diminishing reasons to.

Quite common I suppose. Thanks for your blog it is well written and interesting. Thanks for your kind words, Mike. And definitely no need to be ashamed of having once been drawn into these things. I suspect nearly all of us have passed through such a period. The best analogy for this situation are pharmaceutical studies. Imagine a drug is found by a handful of small studies, done by companies who stand to profit from it, to have a very small positive effect.

Buy It today! If a drug has no possible known mechanism that should allow it to work, even more, much more, is expected of responsible scientists conducting the study. They are expected to withhold declaring success unless any positive effect measured is significantly more than tiny.

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One does not announce an extraordinary new completely unexplainable mechanism not found by any other scientist in history, based on only ambiguous results, or small effects that could be due to experimental error. The effect must be clear and unambiguous in such cases. And most importantly, other experimenters must be able to reproduce the same significant effect. Until that happens, the scientific method holds that there can be no declaration of success. It is way, way too premature for these researchers to announce success, to announce a force exerted by planets and stars on our bodies and destinies that would shatter all understanding of physics today.

Very well put, Bo. I only wish we could tell that to, well, every homeopath on Earth… Since they spend all day, every day, declaring and believing in what amounts to such extraordinary success, without ever properly examining any evidence. He just changed his approach. Also, he still misuses the term science. And, in addition, I have set up my own website Astrology-and-Science which is a fountain of knowledge for all those people, astrologers and skeptics alike, who wish to know more about recent scientific findings about astrology.

In contrast to what hostile skeptics do, we that is, my collaborators and myself do not ignore the good side of astrology. We simply supply the facts as they are. And as regards astrologers, we do not consider the great majority to be charlatans, since most astrologers tend to be nice people whose only sincere desire is to genuinely help their clients. As for me, after twenty odd years I have taken up again the reading of charts now and then, that is , if only to experience again the wonderful feeling when such a reading turns out to be successful.

If it is helpful, it is not because astrology itself is helpful, but because astrology sets a scene that helps me to be helpful. Reblogged this on The Atheist. I have been in the same situation myself and it does not mean astrology is not real, just that astrologers must be more careful. If you want to see the real truth behind astrology and what it is all about you can find out quite a bit at the link below. And yes, it is real science, but it is not easy. Psyche tests are very similar give someone the results from the wrong psyche test and see if they agree.

I studied astrology for over thirty years and was going to quit it for the same reasons and then I decided to do some real science. Please do try to tear it apart. First question, Brian, before anyone spins their wheels: Are there any actual astronomers in this group? That is, who have advanced degrees from reputable universities in astronomy, and done astronomical research published in peer-reviewed astronomical journals?

Myself and I have published many articles in many different venues. There is a soon to be published peer reviewed article on planetary aspects and earthquakes. You are the one with the camouflage on. Do you have a link to your articles? Little do non-astrologers know what astrology actually was and still is. The days of the week were named by astrologers, as were the months.

We all use and pay homage to astrology every time we speak of a star, a planet, the name of the sun, any day of any week and any month; every time we cook and talk about herbs and spices; every time we celebrate any religious festival, whether it is Easter, Xmas, any saints day; and any time we watch a TV weather anchor doing a forecast, because all that was started by, and remained for hundreds of years the domain of astrologers.

All weather words come from astrology, also many of words used by a doctor, because years ago doctors had to be qualified astrologers, as also with the trades, like the masons. If you use mathematics at all, you are paying homage to developers of modern mathematics who were astrologers from India, Persia and then Egypt. The guy who invented calculus which eventually enabled man to get into space was an astrologer called Kepler. Astrology was taught in every European university for years.

Universities themselves were started in Arab countries under Islam to teach astrology. All the fathers of modern science were astrologers, like Galileo who was a professor of astrology and mathematics at Padua university, also Copernicus, also Sir Isaac Newton who studied under the astrologer Descartes.

How do we think pyramids got built, back when all builders, designers and rulers were astrologers, if therefore not by astrologers? Every time you look at your watch you are paying homage to astrology. The man who built the Greenwich Observatory, which is the centre of world time, was an astrologer called Flamsteed. His horoscope wheel is embossed prominently on the side of the building, highly visible as you enter.

Most of our daily life is rooted in astrological history. If you think astrology is something divorced from the above, that is only what sceptics say who know zilch about it. Sceptics are often mentally challenged bullies, who use an internet presence to deflect from their own personal problems about anger. Farming was very astrological, because seasons and the calendars to keep track of the seasons were the invention of astrologers. Any farmer is therefore an astrologer; end of story.

The business of cold reading and telling fortunes is just that; a consulting business, like the priesthood. But it is not astrology as an astrologer knows it to be. This is how astrologers survive. By linking science…. Astrology supporters are often bullies too, but what does this pointing this out prove? Aside from the personal attack, your post is a stream of logical fallacy. No ad hominem because I did not name anyone.

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Nor did I name all. But if the cap fits, wear it. Astrologers seldom attack the sciences. But science mercilessly attacks astrology, probably because astrology always enjoys more far popularity without even trying.

Not many science pages at the back of tabloids and not many scientists setting up booths at fairs. Are you telling me you have no ancestors? Did you suddenly appear? Do not continue defending character attacks on skeptics on this blog if you wish to continue here. Either agree to stop or leave. Many outdated practices were obstacles to the practices that followed. One could make a good case that astrology, like religion, held back astronomy and the sciences, and delayed their benefits to society.

Should we continue taking arsenic too just because it was a predecessor to modern medicine? Do we all necessarily owe our existence to slavery? Is slavery valid because some of our ancestors practiced it? Next time you break a leg or suspect you have cancer, go to an astrologer instead of to a doctor, then. How you perceive the world around you. How you deal with challenges and experiences of everyday life. Your behavior in given circumstances. The reaction from the astrologers is very telling. No really good arguments, but of course the defector from the gang has every bad quality you may find.

I apologized and re-scheduled. What impresses me are people so certain that they have debunked astrology, but have never ever had a professional reading by a certified astrologer. Yes… we have organizations that have 4 and 5 level certification programs. I wish so-called skeptics would actually investigate the things they want to debunk.

It might make them respectable. That fear very easily turns to anger. The answer is not to attack astrologers for being different, but to listen to what astrologers actually say they are about. It is ALL science, which simply means investigative study. Like Liked by 3 people. On an Internet discussion board a few years ago, I announced an experiment, made no claims about my abilities, and offered detailed readings to 40 people who who emailed me their birth info. And what if you are actually psychic and oblivious to it? Maybe you DID give accurate readings to all those people. Astrology has deeply influenced every cultural and religious tradition of the world since ancient times, and it continues to do so even today.

It is a definite part of human heritage, and affirmed by their most sacred traditions. Like Liked by 2 people. No one denied that astrology loomed large in history and remains closely wedded to religion—for better or for worse. Pingback: If you appreciate the message of a nature-loving, humanistic, progressive, and scientifically skeptical approach to life, please support this blog!

Under the Greenwood Tree. The arguments against astrology by Dean are spurious and not based on any kind of science, but rather opinion. It is sad that he discouraged Smit from his practice. Astrology is meant for really, really dumb people who are really gullible and have low IQs.

People who believe in astrology generally have something missing from their lives. Most people call it intelligence. I have found that is not all bunkum though most of it, at least as presented by most of the currently active well-known astrologers, is.

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Astrology has been so undeniably disproved as it already was hundreds of years ago that it is hard to understand why people are still drawn to it. It staggers the mind that people actually believe in this nonsense. Always has worked. I am not vague in my readings. I am precise and accurate and my clients have affirmed my descriptions, comments and insights. There are many things that exist that science cannot prove, but that does not mean they do not exist. Science needs to ask the right questions. Scientific evidence involves being able to demonstrate the claims made under controlled conditions in a statistically significant way with a high degree of confidence.

Astrology has failed at every attempt at this. Science is a method of understanding reality that is based observations to verify or discount hypotheses. Astrology uses false hypotheses that have historically failed at every attempt at verification. Science forgets that all of its measuring sticks are self created. Science has not managed to figure out how to measure things that do not fit its current limitations. When you get into sub-atomic or quantum physics, the very act of observing alters the observation. My claim is that astrology exists and it works.

As the centuries rolled on, Science got more aware and understanding. But you seem to forget that astrology is as well. For example, dividing the ecliptic circle into twelve and putting people into each of these groups is entirely arbitrary; astrologers could just as easily have divided it into two or twenty groups.

The discussion regarding astrology predicting cyclones and earthquakes is just plain nonsense. First of all, cyclones are cyclical events that occur annually. Fiji experiences severe cyclones every year in a highly predictable way and, historically, many of them have caused widespread destruction. So observing a major cyclone in Fiji hardly demonstrates that astrology has demonstrated anything other than the obvious.

New Zealand is comprised of several volcanic islands with a high degree of seismic activity. Earthquakes occur frequently on the north island and a magnitude 5 earthquake is not uncommon. Claiming that astrology predicted the earthquake would be like claiming that astrology predicted that there would be rain in London sometime this week. Astrology is not a science. It is the antithesis of science. You must be a very skilled scientist. Where did you study astronomy, solar physics, tidal dynamics, electromagnetism, volcanism and meteorology?

You used all these things to predict cyclones and earthquakes? If this is true, you are a very special person indeed. My apologies for challenging you. My hat goes off to you sir. Science is science. Scientists are the most open minded people on earth. They have to be because most of science is counter-intuitive and often without precedent.

The most interesting discoveries in science were fraught with notions that were virtually unbelievable at first — concepts like universal gravitation, relativity, quantum physics, quantum field theory, evolution. But they had one thing in common. They passed the test of scientific scrutiny. History is full of them. This is just complete nonsense. This is really nutty. Would you subject yourself to a couple of very simple introductory college physics problems?

These should be very simple for you as you seem to have a remarkable ability in this area. Will you show me your diploma from a reputable university where you learned science so that you can demonstrate your credentials as a scientist? Provide to me the calculations that you undertook to predict, with pinpoint accuracy, the timing and severity of world events like the earthquake in New Zealand and cyclone in Fiji. Me and my colleagues offer to do the equivalent of a peer review of your calculations at no cost to you.

So you claim your method is scientific and that you use scientific methods like astronomy, solar physics, tidal dynamics, electromagnetism, volcanism and meteorology in your predictions but you you are unable to answer even a simple question testing even an elementary knowledge in one of these areas. You claim to have expertise in these areas and apply them in a way that appear to surpass the abilities of any modern scientist in making predictions about weather and seismic events, yet you admit that you have not studied the underlying science.

You can call me a bully if you want, but when someone makes outlandish and unsupportable claims, I will challenge them. There have been hundreds of tests of the validity of astrology and there is not one single case where it has proven to be able to predict anything with a degree of accuracy that exceeds random chance. That is the bottom line. I have no interest in censoring you. I will never confuse my Saturnine colleague with my Gemini one, and so on.

This is at the most basic level. It also happens that certain generations born in certain years tend to be more successful than others, there is nothing strange about it. I think he abandoned his belief system too soon…and so extremely as to dismiss all of astrology just because he learned something new about himself. Anyone who is working with someone who is at a crossroads and possibly having an identity crisis knows that they may be pliable and agreeable at the moment, but they will quickly conclude whether or not your information was accurate or just mumbo jumbo.

Furthermore, if I had to guess, I would say that his progressed chart or long term transits will probably show a major planetary or house shift that accounts for his shift in perspective. Still, the speed at which he threw in the towel is disappointing. How long is the right amount in your opinion, Alicia? I am writing to thank you for this article and the comments that ensued. It has helped me refine some of my thinking regarding my profession. I am a professional astrologer and have been practicing full-time since Before that I was in academics as an English instructor at the university level for almost 17 years; my PhD is in English.


My concentration was in Rhetoric and Composition and my deep interest is in narratives. This article and discussion is wonderfully rich with overt and embedded narratives that I have used to reflect on my own narrative and the narrative I share with the world at large, through my website, my Facebook page, my book, my tarot deck, and my business card. I stumbled upon this article quite by accident … or maybe not ;-. This article was listed second in my search and I am always interested in transformation stories, especially ones that involve a crisis of identity, so I clicked on it and really enjoyed the story itself and how well Bo wrote it as well as all of her responses.

As I read through the article and all the comments a number of different pieces of information and positions about astrology and science stood out. I was especially caught by the discussion of the Forer effect. When I taught my critical thinking classes, I referenced it as the Barnum effect. I prefer the Barnum term for its connection to P. Barnum, I like the imagination of wonder connected to the circus that it stirs up because of that name connection to the concept. If so, who comprised the group and how were they determined as appropriate for the control group. If not, why not?

Did you happen to supply an astrological chart?

Any one would do so long as you kept the calculating information hidden. Of course you could not do that with a professional astrologer. You would have to use our actual chart and then do a cold reading presenting yourself as an professional astrologer. Did you do that? That would be a very interesting experiment if you did not! With a con, only one person actually believes, and the con pretends to believe.

In a Forer interchange both participants believe, and I think the distinction is interesting, but I am not sure if results in a different outcome for the person receiving the reading, especially if the con is very adept. However, I do think it matters what the content of the Forer experience happens to be, whether you lump astrology, tarot cards, palmistry, and so on all in the same category. What I mean is this. Suppose you have someone who is a smoker and they have access to and have read all the science on the hazards of smoking and the eventual outcomes thereof, but they keep smoking.

Psychologically speaking, the science is simply not getting it done, at least in terms of convincing them to stop neither are pleas from loved ones ; I am sure the science is able to measure the destruction of their lungs just fine. Now, on a whim, this person decides to visit an astrologer or tarot card reader and they engage in a Barnum experience. While engaging in that experience — we will use a card reading — the client draws the mother of all tarot cards, you know the one … the Death card.

They and the reader connect it to the smoking. The client leaves the session, goes to his or her car gets the pack of cigarettes and throws them in the trash and never smokes again. Now I understand science can explain all that has transpired without acknowledging any validity regarding astrology or tarot, but my point is that the context of the astrology and tarot is part of the requirement of the life changing moment. This is not really just a thought exercise.

So as I was reading all this I did not have any particular epiphany; actually what I am about to write I have said often for years, even before I started doing this work professionally. Astrology is not science, not even a cosmic science. It is an art form that uses the science of astronomy creatively. Oh, and let me add, it is not a psuedoscience either once you stop trying to put in in the science category, pseudo part dies.

Everything not science wants to attach to science because science has such a phenomenal track record … the science of this or that; no wonder scientists get frustrated.